Artist's Statement

I believe that every object we have allowed into our space becomes part of a vision we are trying to bring into manifestation, whether that's on a conscious level or not.  As an artist, I try to create art out of contemplation of the Divine in order to invite contemplation of the Divine in the viewer, and to uplift the heart and stir the imagination. When you purchase something I have created, you take home a piece of me and then it becomes your own forming a subtle bond between us.  Art is a sacred process.  So much happens beneath our level of conscious awareness, until we take the time and effort to see more. Nature, and human nature, never cease to amaze me.

A 20 minute painting (Art Battle 2015) acrylic on canvas - SOLD

My articles on art are hidden as labels (below).  If you'd like to follow my spiritual articles on meditation and enlightenment link here.

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